1390 MTCO TACHOGRAPH (Radio Style)

1390 TachographThe MTCO 1390 tachograph is the first in a series of new generation tachographs that are installed in a standard radio bracket in a vehicle.

Speed, distance travelled and the driver-related driving times are securely recorded.

Speed can be indicated either with the electronic speedometer, or by using an approved display function already integrated in the digital tachograph.

Date/time/distance travelled events as well as service and diagnostics information can be called up on the LCD display.


  • 1 Day Road Speed and Engine Speed
  • 1 Day Road Speed only
  • 8 Day Road Speed and Engine Speed
  • 8 Day Road Speed only
  • 12 or 24 Volt


  • Automatic warnings
  • Multi-function LC display with 2 x 16 characters
  • Recording unit in DIN/ISO 7736 radio format
  • Automatic recording of driving time
  • Battery-buffered real-time clock
  • Customized front panes (optional)
  • CAN interface with data bus capability (optional)
  • Green display illumination – 100% day and 40% night
  • Output Signal to operate an Electronic Speedometer or other Electronic Devices
  • Additional event recording



  • Designed for modern vehicle in radio format.
  • Easy installation into dash panel.
  • Additional recording stylus to monitor additional event recording e.g. electronic recording of Diesel Consumption.
  • Self Diagnostic for power interruption, sender, system and operator faults.
  • Uses normal diagram charts.
  • Lithium back-up battery with a 2 year life expectance.
  • Quality recording of management information.
  • Automatic recording of malfunction caused by tampering.
  • Guaranteed for 12 months against faulty workmanship.
  • No moving parts between the speed or engine revolution sensor and the recording device, eliminating the need for maintenance and unnecessary down time as well as management information lost due to malfunction.
  • Being the latest reliable and accurate digital recording device, the user is assured of continued management information and control over vehicles and drivers, well into the next century.
  • Record start up and return times of vehicles and drivers to optimize route planning and scheduling and minimize overtime payments.
  • Record all trips operated by the vehicle over time and distance, this provides management with the required information to control vehicle and driver productivity. Unauthorized trips are also easy to identify and eliminate.
  • Speed is recorded over distance and time thus ensuring that management is in the position to manage fuel consumption, tyre and brake-lining wear caused by over speeding and abuse.
  • It provides control over and proof of performance. Disputes with regards to deliveries, service or a specific trip are now something of the past.
  • In event of an accident, the digital tachograph is your independent witness of the occasion. By analyzing the chart a complete reconstruction can be done of the events leading up to the accident. This evidence is recognized by the Supreme Court of Appeal in South Africa.
  • Recordings can be analysed in detail to help with investigation of theft, stock shrinkage, illegal trips and high jacks.



Measuring range ‘v’

125km/h (standard)

LCD display

2-line, 16 digits per line, illumination controlled by ignition

Character height


Operating Voltage

12V or 24V (depending on vehicle voltage)

Power consumption without ‘n’


Operating temperature

-25°C to + 70°C

Storage temperature

-40°C to + 80°C

Adjustment range

4 000 to 25 000 imp/km


‘v’ sensor, ‘n’ pulse generator


2 x ‘v’ pulses, 1 x 4 imp/m
Triggering external function control LED


Test and programming interface, K-LINE (instrument interface), CAN




Directive 95/94/EU   ISO 7637


10 to 60 Hz, 0.35mm
60 to 2000 Hz, 5g

Buffer battery

Lithium battery


Galvanized sheet steel


1 350g

Additional Stylus

To record fuel consumption or other digital output