1310 TachographAlthough no longer manufactured, the 8-day electronic tachograph is still widely used today.

In the 8-day tachograph the chart pack is changed only once a week.

This tachograph is therefore particularly suitable for long distance vehicles which do not return to the depot within 24 hours.

Of course, if necessary, the recorded diagram charts can be removed daily.


  • Provides all essential information for fleet organization, e.g. scheduling, routing, productivity, essential information in cases of thefts, etc.
  • Driver can judge his own performance
  • Proof of good driving technique
  • Provides essential evidence as to cause of accident
  • Can save transport operation costs up to 40%
  • Compatible for electronic readings
  • Records information on weekly basis
  • Low maintenance costs


The charts for the tachograph are assembled in a pack of eight charts which are automatically changed
at midnight each day.
Main Functions of Diagram Chart:

  • Provides all important information for fleet organization
  • The driver can judge his own performance and has proof of good driving technique
  • Essential evidence supplied to help in evaluating the cause of accidents

The 8-day chart pack is an automatic log-book for the whole week. Each chart can be electronically evaluated.


Speed range in km/h

Rpm range

125 km/h

0-3300 rpm

Recording Time

8 x 24 hours Quarts electronic clock
10 to 30 Volts

Mileage Counter

7 digit without zero setting

Warming Signal

Optical, easy to set


12 or 24 Volt

Diagram chart

123mm with special recording layer

Means of Recording

3 Sapphire tipped stylii


The electronic tachograph receives its control pulses from an impulse generator via an electrical lead (3 core wire, 1mm²). This is simple to install and is non-wearing.