www1FM-WEB (Internet Based)


·          Easy and intuitive fleet management software on your web browser

·          Access from any computer

·          No need for software installations and network configuration

·          Latest software upgrades and Google maps

·          Pushing automatic reports to e-mail                              


Features an Benefits

·          Loading and offloading locations can be marked on the map,

       giving you the arrival, departure and standing times for loading and offloading.

·          The weighbridge can be marked giving you the arrival, departure and standing times at the scale.

·          Map1Turnaround times can be calculated.

·          Deviation from routes can be monitored.

·          Unauthorized stops can be monitored.

·          The fuel bowser can be marked to check refueling.

·          Events can be created for monitoring of certain speeding zones on the mines.

·          The PTO can be connected to view the tipping times and prevent PTO abuse.

·          Speeding, Over revving, Excessive idling and Harsh braking can be monitored.

·         case2 On yellow equipment, the “lifetime usage” (engine hours) of the equipment can

       be improved by reducing the idling time and controlling the productive time.

·          Engine hours can be monitored.

·          Overtime can be measured because the driver will be identified.

·          Exception reports can be generated.

·          Accident analysis is available (second by second recording)

Detailed reporting is available on all of the above

Other benefits

·          www3Database setup and administration

·          Hosting the database servers and web servers

·          Data management, which includes:

o    Completing incremental daily backups of the Customer databases and servers

o    Completing full backups of the Customer databases and servers on a weekly basis

o    Backing up of the harvested raw data on a daily basis

o    Restoring of backup data if necessary

o    Maintaining anti-virus Software on the servers and monitoring the status thereof;

o    Protecting data security and privacy by means of the built-in FM Web security

o    model, which allows users access to specific data according to their roles.