About Us


Fleet Management and logistical information flows throughout an organisation and is vital to the success of a company. Proper fleet management can ensure optimum efficiency and, as a result, maximise profits and customer satisfaction.

Time (Labour), Fuel and Tyres are the highest expenses of transport and can cripple an organisation if it is not properly controlled. It is crucial that all aspects of the transport function are strictly controlled at optimum efficiency in order for the organisation to be profitable and achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Fleetco South Africa entered the market of fleet management in 1991 when it started as a tachograph analysis bureau. As our clientele increased, we started selling, servicing and repairing tachographs.

In 1994 we broadened our horizons to On Board Computers. In 1998 we started selling, servicing and installing the world leading Siemens-VDO Fleet Manager Range of Onboard Computers(OBC’s).
As the need for vehicle tracking increased we implemented the highly effective Global Positioning Systems and GSM communication units, which integrate with the Fleet Manager Range of OBC's.
All this functionality gives us the ability to monitor Productivity, Running Costs (cpk), Driver behavior, Servicing, Route Planning, Vehicle positioning, Accident analysis etc.

Today we have a complete Fleet Management Solution that will cater for all our customers’ needs. We specialize in the installation and implementation of Fleet Management Systems to monitor and control the Vehicle Fleet and the related information throughout the organisation in such a way that costs are minimised, productivity is increased, and long-term profitability is maximised through the cost-effective fulfillment of our customer’s requirements.

         Our GOAL is to:  Ø  Improve efficiency

                                              Ø  Maximise productivity

                                              Ø  Minimise costs

                                              Ø  Optimise service levels